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Two Speakers,
One Purpose.

Unlock your audience's full potential and confidence.

The power of our propulsive speaking changes perspectives

and boosts performance.

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Envision an event where all things are possible.

Where teams are inspired to believe bigger and to reach new heights.

Where leaders are encouraged to honor their purpose above their profit.

Where athletes are equally confident in who they are off of the field and on it.

Your event is our work.


We can help make it real for your event, team or platform.

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How you would feel seeing your audience or team filled with passion, drive and a renewed sense of purpose.


Each and every person in attendance was inspired to work heart -er and smarter to aspire higher, to achieve greater. What if someone was moved to ask, "How did you find these speakers?"


Charles and Yvana have inspired audiences across multiple industries with stories of persistence, perseverance and purpose.

Our message is designed to change mindsets and ignite the fire within each and every person in the room (and those who just happened to walk by), propelling them to higher.

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We have spoken, presented or emceed at corporations, events and churches across the US.

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Here is how our speaking can impact your event:

Inspired leaders show 27% increase in overall leadership effectiveness.

Journal of Leadership and Management, 2019

Encouraged athletes increase likelihood of attaining performance goals by 45%.

Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 2015

Motivational speaker attendees report

a 30% increase in confidence.

Journal of Applied Psychology, 2014

Inspire your team, your audience or your leaders to reach new heights, book Charles and Yvana Bailey for your next event. Our delivery will challenge and inspire your team, leaving a lasting impact on performance, attitude, altitude and latitude. The world of limitless possibilities is waiting for you and them.


You have been cleared for take-off! Book us today.


Don't just take our word.

Here's some of our humbling feedback!

I was struggling to find the drive and motivation to take my company to the next level, but after hearing Charles and Yvana speak, I was reinvigorated and inspired to lead with a renewed sense of purpose for my position.
I was impressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleared for take-off.

Book Charles and Yvana for your next event and empower your audience with the tools to unlock their full potential, build confidence, and live their purpose with passion.

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